Convenience Services

At Pacific Global Bank, a division of Royal Business Bank, we know how important convenience is in today's busy world, so please take advantage of the following services.

Cashier's Checks

Guaranteed checks issued by the bank that you can buy for amounts of $500 or more, and they are available at any of our branch locations.

Money Orders

Money orders may be purchased from a teller at any of our branch locations. They are available in amounts up to and including $500.

Debit Card

You can make your life simpler by applying for a debit card when you own a checking account. This card will allow you to withdraw money from any ATM and to make purchases at stores or online, and the amounts will be deducted from your account right away.

Direct Deposit

Automatically deposit your paycheck or government checks into the account(s) of your choice without coming to the bank. Funds are immediately available on payday with direct deposit.

Contact your personnel department to set up direct deposit. You will need to provide them with our routing number. You will also need to provide your six or seven-digit bank account number.

Wire Transfer

Move money between Pacific Global Bank, a division of Royal Business Bank, and other financial institutions safely and quickly. With our wire transfers, you can safely send or receive money to or from your family overseas or pay your business providers in an easy and secure way.

Notary Public Services

The licensed notary is an objective party who verifies signatures needed on certain documents. We provide notary public to bank customers as a convenient service.

Utilities Bill Payment

For your convenience, you can pay your electricity, gas and AT&T Phone at Pacific Global Bank, a division of Royal Business Bank, at any of our branch locations.

Sticker Renewal

You may also renew your state sticker, city sticker at Pacific Global Bank, a division of Royal Business Bank.

Ventra Card

You may purchase and reload to your CTA Ventra card at Pacific Global Bank, a division of Royal Business Bank.

Night Depository

For your convenience we have night drop boxes set up at the Bridgeport Branch for after hour deposits.
Night depositories provide additional security for customers, since they don't have to keep this money at their business location overnight, where it might be vulnerable to theft. Instead of the envelopes that individual customers use to make bank deposits at ATMs (automatic teller machines), merchants often use lockable zippered bags, which are more secure and hold a larger volume of paper.

Safe Deposit Box

Protect your most valuable belongings with a secure and private safe deposit box through our 2 convenient branch locations (Main Bank and Bridgeport Branch). Safe Deposit Boxes are available in the sizes of 3”x 5”, 5”x 5”, 3”x 10”, 5”x 10” and 10”x 10”.


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